Dear Ghetto Mind: This is your red pill. (Paperback)

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Blue Pill or Red Pill?

Suppose you have two pills in front of you. A blue pill that keeps your life as-is and a red pill that will shatter your illusions and show you the painful truth. However, this painful truth will lead to a more fulfilling life - one day at a time.

Which do you choose?

If you decide to read this book, you will be choosing the red pill.

How To Reshape Our Minds.

We tend to believe that we have to struggle for health, wealth and happiness.


Because we are limited by our own beliefs, which are based heavily on what we see. And in the ghetto, we see a lot of poverty, violence, hunger, depression, sickness, and pain.

We observe our surroundings and that teaches us WHAT to think. But what we see is not all there is. This book will teach us HOW to think even if it doesn't match what we see.

5 Thought-Provoking Questions Require 5 Life-Changing Answers

This eye-opening book will help you find the answers to the foundational questions that will begin to reshape your mind:

Why Do We Choose Thoughts We Don't Like?

Why Do We Bond Over Struggle?

Why Do We Use Competition As Motivation?

Why Do We Let Our Enemies Control Us?

Why Do We Complain So Much?

What Can You Expect From This Book?

TRUTH & HONESTY: Re-wiring your brain and facing the truth can be difficult. However, this book will not allow you to avoid the harsh reality. It's time to re-discover your dreams, your passion, and your ambitions. Your life is waiting on you to make up your mind, this book will help you start the process.

HOW not WHAT: Every single day we tell our minds WHAT to think. Now it's time for us to discover how the thoughts we have been choosing have been negatively affecting our lives. The 5 topics presented in this book will show you the thoughts that have been holding you back from the life of your dreams.

Want To Help Your Loved Ones Change Their Mindset?

Don't. (Periodt.) This is not a book about helping others. This book is about helping yourself. Your loved ones will benefit from the new you, but they have to get to this point themselves. Don't gift "them", gift yourself a copy of Dear Ghetto Mind. Offer yourself an opportunity to try a new way of thinking. And the beauty is that you can initiate your Best Life by starting in the privacy of your own mind.

Remember, There Is No Turning Back

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Publication Date: March 17th, 2019
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