Qur'aanic Studies - A Modern Tafsir Manzil III (Paperback)

Qur'aanic Studies - A Modern Tafsir Manzil III By Mohammad Shafi Cover Image
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I present this humble work in the earnest hope that it will prompt my Readers to try and understand the divine Message in its original Arabic text. They should remember that no translation however meticulously done can ever equal the original Arabic text in its divine grandeur and pristine clarity.One may wonder why this yet another addition to the existing plethora of Translations and Commentaries The answer to this question lies in the beauty of the fact that the divine Message of the Qur'aan remains valid for all times and ages since its revelation until the Last Day. The Message therefore needs to be studied from time to time in the changing perspectives of the changing times. It would be wrong to confine this universal Message for mankind to the circumstances and situations of a period in the past. Unfortunately, however, most of the commentators so far have based their understanding of the Qur'aan in the strict perspective of the circumstances and situations prevailing at the time of its revelation way back in 7th century A.D. The Muslim mindset generally has thus got stagnated and therefore unable to cope with the changing situations of the changing times. This humble attempt of mine is to help Muslims generally to come out, Allah willing, of that crippling stagnation.This Part (Manzil) of my Qur'aanic Studies is on Chapters 10 to 16 of the Qur'aan. It may please be noted that hyperlinks to Verses/notes would be active only to places within the Part.

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