Blue Spaces: How and Why Water Can Make You Feel Better (Paperback)

Blue Spaces: How and Why Water Can Make You Feel Better Cover Image
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Why do so many of us feel drawn to water?

Researchers around the globe have become increasingly intrigued by our psychological response to Blue Spaces: the sea, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Studies are showing that being near water or blue space is an instant mood-lifter, helping us to be present, less stressed, and to feel more connected.

What is it about water that helps us come back to ourselves?

Many of us naturally gravitate towards the nearest blue space for our regular walks. There is an innate balancing quality that water brings - whether it's crashing waves, gentle oceans, distant horizons, or the reflections we see, water can bring on a meditative 'blue mind' state.

Join Dr Catherine Kelly, geographer, wellbeing practitioner and cold-water swimming enthusiast, as she explores the latest research into the physical, psychological and social factors that connect water and wellbeing and explains why water makes us feel better. Throughout the book you will also find exercises and suggestions to help you enhance your own wellbeing.

'A timely read for today's challenges. Catherine Kelly's wise and informed memoir-style narrative helps us understand why blue spaces are so valued by swimmers everywhere and offers tools for those seeking wellbeing in a new way'

Ella Foote, Outdoor Swimming Magazine

Product Details
ISBN: 9781789562842
ISBN-10: 1789562848
Publisher: Welbeck Balance
Publication Date: September 7th, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English