537 Hilarious Trivia Questions for Kids: The Funny Fact and Easy Educational Questions Q&A Game for Kids (Paperback)

537 Hilarious Trivia Questions for Kids: The Funny Fact and Easy Educational Questions Q&A Game for Kids By Johnny Nelson Cover Image
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Disguise learning time as fun family bonding time.

Studies have found that when kids associate learning with a strong positive emotion, they're more likely to retain information.

What if you could give them this without piling on extra homework or trying to make fractions more interesting?

Learning should be fun. And when it's done right, children shouldn't even be aware that it's happening.

In times of need, fun trivia games are your secret weapon... and as an added bonus, you'll even boost your chances of winning future pub quizzes

Asking and answering trivia questions has been shown to not only enhance children's intelligence, but also their memory.

And when this is incorporated into your family's quality bonding time, it creates the ultimate activity sure to tick off any parent's boxes.

In 537 Hilarious Trivia Questions for Kids: Questions and Answer Book for Kids, you'll find hours of fun and knowledge. You'll discover:

  • A guaranteed way to capture even the most reluctant learner's attention
  • 537 fun and engaging questions to challenge the whole family
  • Easy-to-find answers so no one is left in the dark
  • A foolproof way to keep the little ones occupied during long car rides
  • Unusual facts that your kids will be dying to find the answers to--and even learn from in the process
  • A rich mixture of pop culture, sports trivia, and general knowledge questions
  • Questions that allow the adults to learn just as much as the children
  • A refreshing alternative to dry workbooks and school quizzes

And much more.

It can be hard to justify quality family time when you're worrying about making sure your kids are prioritizing their education--but you don't have to choose.

Research shows that learning is most successful when it's fun. Is there any better excuse to put down the homework and start playing together?

If you want to boost your child's knowledge without them whining in boredom, then click "Add to Cart" right now.

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