Mommy's Gummies: A children's educational cannabis book (Hardcover)

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The legalization of medical cannabis-infused edibles has taken Canadians by surprise. The lack

of education and censoring to children and adults has created a rise in intoxication and


The stigma and self-medicating in the shadows have created a sense of innocent intoxication of

children by ingestion of attractive and colorful edibles. Though the benefits are in the numbers

of decreased opioids addiction and death, the handling and storage of the edibles are often

disregarded because of the nuance that "cannabis doesn't kill"

In this book, we go through typical situations that occur all over the world with children that

have access to medical edibles as well as a hint of how the doctors treat THC intoxication.

Through the courses taken at McGill University, I have been able to show all patients what

are the ways to self-medicate and reduce the psychoactive effects when overmedicated.

As we know that talking about cannabis is still taboo in certain circles, and medicating with

cannabis is still hidden by the newcomers, but we have to remember that storage and locking

your edibles should be treated with the highest respect, like alcohol, and opioids.

Especially since the edibles are very attractive to the innocent eyes of our children.

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ISBN: 9781777148669
ISBN-10: 1777148669
Publisher: Kallpa Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: September 18th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English