Rithimus Aeternam (Paperback)

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Candice James has put together an excellent collection of contemporary rhyming poety. The book is presented in 8 themed sections:: Surreal; Love; Nature; Dark; History and Story; Cowboy Poetry; Miscellaneous;and "Whimsy". The collection starts off with an introductory poem on the aging process titled "Turned Inside Out" excerpt below:

Turned Inside Out (c) Candice James

Wandering into Alzheimer's night /

I'm fading away from reality's light.//

I've forgotten the words to your favourite song /

and the lyrics to mine don't seem to belong. /

I can't differentiate between right and wrong /

and the memories I cherished are now lost and gone. //

I reach for my cane as my hands start to shake /

I can't recall when my bones didn't ache. /

I look in the mirror and see a white streak /

has replaced the black strands of my widow's peak. /

Then my mind starts to wander. My eyes glaze over. /

I'm a child again running through fields of clover. //

But still there are things I barely remember /

and January's now just a prolonged December. /

I've learned many things from my sojourn on earth. /

There's two sides to everything; each of great worth. /

A whisper's the other side of a shout /

and today is just yesterday turned inside out.

There are many subjects and emotions addressed in this wonderful book of contemporary rhyming power poetry. It is truly a gem in this world of mostly free verse poetry. These poems and this book will never become dust in the wind. It will withstand the tides of time.

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ISBN: 9781774030585
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Publication Date: October 6th, 2019
Pages: 176
Language: English