Trailer Park Shakes (Paperback)

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The poems in Trailer Park Shakes are direct and vernacular, rooted in community - a working-class M tis voice rarely heard from.

These poems, while dreamlike and playful, bear unflinching witness to the workings of injustice - how violence is channeled through institutions and refracted intimately between people, becoming intertwined with the full range of human experience, including care and love. Trailer Park Shakes is a book that seems to want to hold everything - an entire cross-section of lived experience - written by a poet whose courage, attention, and capacity to trace contradiction inspire trust in her words' embrace. Dion-Glowa's poems are quietly philosophical, with a heartfelt, self-possessed politic.

"Dion-Glowa's voice crackles with frank, startling insight." - Sachiko Murakami, author of Render

"A collection that should and will rattle your cage and shine a light where it is needed." - John Brady McDonald, author of Kitotam

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ISBN: 9781771315906
ISBN-10: 1771315903
Publisher: Brick Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2022
Pages: 96
Language: English