Scout's Honor (Paperback)

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Scout's Honor (Paperback)


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After losing everything but his life, a young man forges a new identity for himself in the jungles of Vietnam and on the gritty streets of New York in this epic and riveting tale of crime, punishment, and redemptionIt's 1969. Devastated by the loss of his parents, 19-year-old Eddie Kawadsky is alone and penniless, his dream of becoming a navy pilot seemingly lost. In desperation, Eddie falls in with the charismatic Roy Cross who talks him into smuggling drugs across the border.

Once in Mexico, Roy betrays Eddie, setting him up to be murdered. On the run from vengeful narcotraficantes, corrupt cops, and his own demons, Eddie flees for his life, changes identities, and-as Richard Austen-joins the Marines, serves two heroic combat tours in Vietnam, and then hides himself in New York City. Over the ensuing 25 years, Eddie becomes one of Manhattan's wealthiest real estate developers, but one haunted by his sins and secrets.

When a long-dreaded visitor finally shows up to extort hush money, Eddie is forced to confront his past. To save his own life and protect the beautiful wife he adores, he must sacrifice nearly everything. But will it be enough to redeem his honor lost so long ago?

With an intricate plot spanning the 1960's counterculture, the Vietnam War, 1970's gritty New York real estate world, the grandeur and hardship of the Marine Corps, and more, Scout's Honor is a sweeping novel of suspense that explores larger themes of morality, guilt, trust, and redemption. Populated with flawed yet compelling characters, Scout's Honor will appeal to fans of both character-driven literary fiction, thrillers, and redemption tales.

Product Details ISBN: 9781736352540
ISBN-10: 1736352547
Publisher: Hubbard House
Publication Date: June 4th, 2024
Pages: 332
Language: English