How to Design Your Own Sigils for Everyday Magic: A Practical Workbook (Paperback)

How to Design Your Own Sigils for Everyday Magic: A Practical Workbook Cover Image
By Ana Maria Selvaggio, Renmeleon (Illustrator)
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Sigils have been used worldwide by almost every culture for thousands of years. In this workbook, you will learn to set intentions that can be developed into visual reminders and guide your daily life that support progress toward your goals, providing personal ways to bring magic into your everyday. The workbook also acts as a journal to further set intention, allowing space for growth and reinvention.

Tackle the Overwhelm

As a creative, I know that many of us will get hyper-focused on birthing new projects or investing in our everyday work to the point of forgetting to eat and take breaks. As a creative who deals with ADD on a daily basis, everything needs to be in my line of sight for it to be functional. I started using visual cues as a way to remind myself to work my own wellness into my everyday life.

Sigils, for the purpose of this method, are personal symbols designed to give you pause and refocus your day-to-day on the areas you need to work on most - personal wellness, goals, and the things that are important to you.

It is my hope that using sigils in your everyday life will remind you that magic is everywhere and that you have the power to shape both your internal and external environments.

How to Use this Workbook

The first section of this workbook will walk you through creating a personal sigil step-by-step. The remaining pages consist of two-page spreads for each sigil where you can design and record the sigils you make. Designing a sigil is as simple as following the prompts on each page.

Sigils can be drawn on paper, on sticky notes, on sticker paper, or even painted on surfaces. Utilize your own sigil wherever you need a reminder or prompt for thought. There are enough spreads included for 100 sigils and an index in the very back to record what page number each is on.

Disclaimer: I am a firm believer that what you put out comes back to you, tenfold. Sigils should never be used with the intent to harm or wish ill will on others or yourself. The intent of this book is to instruct you on how to create and use your own sigils for positive affirmation and action.

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ISBN: 9781734510492
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Publication Date: September 3rd, 2021
Pages: 220
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