A Girl Called Round (Paperback)

A Girl Called Round By S. R. Taylor, Charity Russell (Illustrator) Cover Image
By S. R. Taylor, Charity Russell (Illustrator)
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A Girl Called ROUND is about a little girl named Olivia Catherine Amanda Mae Brown who more than anything wants to be a butterfly in her community play, 'The Backyard Ballet.' Olivia's classmates tease and bully her into believing she's too big to dance. After spending time with her grandmother in the garden and a fantastic adventure later that night, she begins to believe in and accept herself instead listening to the taunting words of others and finds her own unique wings. A Girl Called ROUND is an illustrative children's book addressing the issues of bullying, body diversity and self-love in a creative and compassionate manner. The story is based on my daughter's experience and the bullying she encountered in school. The simple words of encouragement and faith from Olivia's grandmother heighten the experience of Olivia's journey with the butterfly. The power of Grandma's message transports Olivia to a place hidden deep within and resonates in familiarity as she perseveres to truly believe in herself While ROUND has an antibullying and kindness message, it is much more than that. It's an imaginative story that encourages children to embrace their unique individuality and truly believe in themselves from the inside out.

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ISBN: 9781734477702
ISBN-10: 1734477709
Publisher: Free2bee Books
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2020
Pages: 36
Language: English