The Poorest Man in Zion: Wealth Beyond the Riches of Babylon (Paperback)

The Poorest Man in Zion: Wealth Beyond the Riches of Babylon By David Benson Cover Image

The Poorest Man in Zion: Wealth Beyond the Riches of Babylon (Paperback)


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Unveil the secrets of the venerable City of Zion in the style and tone of the already classic work, The Richest Man in Babylon. Business leaders, community servants, self-improvement fans, and spiritual devotees will all thrill at the steadfast ethics and practical fiscal insights leading to vast wealth, offered in simple, endearing language--destined to become an office and household favorite.

Crushing sadness and soulful anguish swiftly surrender to inspiring rapture and heartening peace as true friends seek relief and prosperity in a far-off and legendary land. Join ordinary heroes over the course of ten animated stories as they pursue fulfilling lives through reliable, uplifting practices.

Inspiring business leadership, uplifting civic counsel ... a rare delight

The Poorest Man in Zion is a response to George Clason's classic compilation. It purposefully mimics, albeit loosely, the format and tenor of his original work. Through a series of ten comparable essays, David Benson reviews the principles that lead to thriving professional and personal lives, to overcoming the sadness and pitfalls of human experience, and to becoming perpetually happy as individuals and communities. This work relies on cohesive parables--examined independently or as a progressive story--from the days of ancient Zion, the City of Holiness, featuring characters who explore and expound upon its philosophies.

  1. Happiness is our deepest desire
  2. Freedom empowers choice
  3. Mutual vision unites people
  4. Promising goals drive action
  5. Mighty labor yields abundance
  6. Surplus creates shared savings
  7. Prudent welfare enriches all
  8. Preparation promotes security
  9. Advocates welcome the aspiring
  10. Outreach expands influence

The sustaining principles of Zion are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. In a culture dedicated to individual freedom and collective success, neighbors practice selfless charity amid lively industry, becoming united in virtue and riches. Over a shining pathway of hope, we together pursue the greatest of all riches. Its concepts are easily applied to management, government, non-profit, and educational settings--leadership training from the CEO to the front-line supervisor.

An unexpected pleasure

Dread, then joy Follow musicians, shepherds, and prophets along ancient desert paths, amid harrowing perils and mystical visions to the glorious City of Enoch and its most precious treasure. Timeless principles, of greater worth than silver and gold, guide our steps in this classic journey. It serves as an adept yet subtle exposition of the six key characteristics of dynamic, engaging leaders from the Leadership Excellence Seminar:

  • Intrepid Integrity
  • Real Motivation
  • Sound Strategy
  • Pivotal Quality
  • Heroic Altruism
  • Crucial Coaching

Watch for A Practical Zion: The Companion Guide to The Poorest Man in Zion, a future publication that expects to serve as a pragmatic blueprint for implementing the described behavioral principles in a contemporary setting.

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Publisher: David Benson Coaching
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 210
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