Self-Care in the City: 100 Ways to Optimize Your Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness in an Urban Environment (Paperback)

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If there's one thing Carrie Bradshaw didn't master in her beautiful Manhattan life it's self-care.

Like most of us, she rushed around from thing to thing, drank a few too many cocktails, smoked cigarettes, and dealt with the stress that came along with a career she loved and social calendar she loved more.

Little did she know that a few simple changes to her daily habits could drastically improve everything from her mood to her sleep to her ability to manage ups and downs of life - from lost jobs to lost relationships.

Thanks to Self-Care in the City, the busiest of urban people now have their very own handbook for learning how to bring a healthy dose of self-care into their busy, fast-paced lives.

No longer will you need to play the guessing-game of . . . how to squeeze a workout into a busy week or what dish to choose at a business dinner or how to relieve stress without reaching for a glass of wine.

Instead you have over 100 ways to address the common dilemmas of their everyday life, including:

- Way #1 Rethink Brunch: How to approach a fabulous weekend meal without overdoing it.

- Way #7 Tier Your Seamless: Method for making healthy-ish options your go-to when you're exhausted.

- Way #16 Drinking on Dates: Tips to navigate every blind date without drowning yourself in cocktails.

- Way #66 Quick Workouts for Biz Trips: How to keep up your workout routine no matter where you travel.

- Way #81 Noise at Night: Solutions for reducing stimulation and getting a great night's sleep.

- Way #82 Surviving the Subway: Insider secrets to stress-less on your daily commute.

No matter what you need help navigating, there's a tip or resource within immediate reach.

As you begin embracing these practices, you'll find that you have the power rise above the routines that diminish your beauty and focus, and fall in love with the wellness strategies that will not only make you feel unstoppable, but will also give you an edge.

NUTRITION Efficient ways to upgrade your grocery shopping, order healthier takeout, sneak in more veggies, navigate social functions, order like a boss and fuel your continued success at home, at work and when you're on-the-go.

FITNESS Smart strategies to optimize your workouts, join the right gym, pick boutique fitness studios, exercise on business trips, fit in more activity, lose body fat and elevate your body to the next level.

WELLNESS You're doing it all right - eating well and working out - and you're still not seeing results. This book empowers you to improve your sleep, manage your stress, create your own silence, and personalize your self-care, while still having a fabulous social life

Why I Wrote It: Self-Care in the City is a reflection of the health and wellness tricks I was able to discover during my experience living in New York City as a finance executive. That blended together with my professional expertise, work with countless clients and education in nutrition and exercise science and stress management makes this a book that every busy urban person needs on their night stand or nestled into their work bag.

About the Author: Michelle Cady is a former finance executive turned wellness author and highly sought after integrative nutrition health coach. Michelle's personal experience of recovering from adrenal fatigue and burnout influences her coaching and focus on nutrition, fitness, and stress management. Michelle's writing has been featured in mindbodygreen, Well]Good, Elite Daily, Women's Health, Redbook and Thrive Global, among others. She is the Founder of the wellness platform, FitVista, and Self-Care in the City is Michelle's first book. Michelle graduated from Middlebury College in 2008 with a BA in English and currently lives in New York City.

You can find more about Michelle's story, blog and resources over at

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