15 Ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE!: ... and leave him GROVELING for more ... (Paperback)

15 Ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE!: ... and leave him GROVELING for more ... By Mike Watson Cover Image
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If you're at this page, you likely know what a ruined orgasm is, and you're probably interested in it as well.And I don't blame you. Ruined orgasms are one of the best "tricks" in the BDSM world that can be used to a keep a male frustrated, docile and obedient - - and salivating for more no matter what you might dish out to him, ladies Unfortunately, this excellent "tool" is often overlooked and underutilized, which is a pity.Despite the immense interest in this (both from a male and female standpoint), most of the porn vidoes and literature out there on this do NOT delve deeply into what makes the ruined orgasm so intensely pleasurable and satisfying for both parties if done right.Neither do they talk about the different techniques that can be used. I'm constantly amazed at the "same ole same ole" I keep seeing out there in this regard ...And I don't know why - but despite the mental aspect of it being the MOST important, this is something that is rarely talked about when it comes to ruined orgasms - - big, big mistake, folks This manual was written to tell you that ruined orgasms are something you can - and SHOULD - incorporate into your "play" or even vanilla life, but do so safely and CORRECTLY.And do so with the knowledge that this one tool opens up limitless possibilities in your sex life ... and has manifold impact and benefits for both the Domina and her sub Use these 15 tips to spice up your sex life like NEVER before - - tips that you've likely not seen (or experienced) elsewhere "15 Ways to give him the Ruined Orgasm of his life" will not only give you 15 different scintillating tips on how to achieve that "perfect" ruined orgasm - but will also give you a rundown on what you SHOULD and what you should NOT do when engaging in this sort of play.It'll give you the benefits - real life benefits (other than sexual, of course) that both parties will experience as a result of incorporating this sort of play into their lives.And of course, much more more - - all written in the traditional "reality mixed in with a dab of creative license" Watson style Grab it NOW.

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