Dragon's Gap: Ace & Harper's Story (Paperback)

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Once upon a time a Fire Dragon was promised a shadow...
It is now time for Ace Battle to go home to Dragon's Gap after months of fighting and finally conquering his war against the darkness of despair and the betrayal of his father. He needs to rejoin his extended family, friends and to bath in their love and calmness of his home.

Oh And there is the little matter of winning his shadow's love.

Seriously? What could go wrong
On returning home with only one look Ace knows he has met his shadow, artist Harper Easton.The trouble is Harper comes with baggage, lots and lots of baggage.* Her friend Frankie who is a mystical being and just this side of crazy.* The Dragon Lord has adopted her as his little sister.* Then there is Harper's long, not so dead sister Charlie, who is in two minds whether to kill or hug Harper to death.* Of course there is also the little matter of Harper being a High Queen of the Faeries who she would rather see dead, than join. That is if they don't kill her first.* Let us not forget the evil darkness trying to consume Harper's soul.Harper has an affinity with swords, knives and is wicked fast with them.Nothing to worry about Ace has charm on his side. He may win the day and Harper.If not there is always her crazy friend to help Along with evil and darkness in this book there is also plenty of humour with sisterly love. With just a touch of romance...Dragon's Gap: A Romance Fantasy Series contains stand-alone, full-length novels of approximately 60,000 words each: -Reighn & Sage's Story-Sharm & Edith's Story-Storm and Charlie's Story-Ash & Olinda's Story-Ace & Harper's Story-Thorn & CianaPlus two Novellas: -Love's Catalyst-Love's Impulse

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ISBN: 9781717829733
ISBN-10: 1717829732
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 19th, 2018
Pages: 218
Language: English