How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: How to Decipher Body Language with the Most Powerful Communication; Learn the Art to Read People and the M (Paperback)

How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: How to Decipher Body Language with the Most Powerful Communication; Learn the Art to Read People and the M Cover Image
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Using verified dark psychology techniques, you can easily decipher the "signals of a person" and the "signals of the person's personality".
With this, you start to unconsciously daily recognize and apply in lightning-fast perception and assessment of the personality of the persons you meet by many different signs, symbols or signals. You understand these signals with amazing accuracy. They are applied partly unconsciously, and partly completely deliberately. And in the same way, in the gloom of consciousness, you understand their veiled intentions and train in this signal language in the process of everyday life.
Anyone who knows how to consciously perceive and classify signals understands the language of motives. He understands more than this could be expressed only in words. With the invaluable information I provide for you in this book, you start experiencing, on the one hand, a surge in enthusiasm for psychology and diagnostic methods among professional psychologists and laymen. Perhaps this is due to the relentless interest of people in their own personality and in everything unknown, which in many ways is the person himself and other people around him. On the other hand, we are experiencing an obvious crisis of diagnostic knowledge. This is due, in my opinion, for several reasons.
The first is related to the whole psychology - this is the absence of a single scientific psychological "field" (I mean the fact of the presence of a huge number of personality theories and the absence of any conclusions in general, only in particular for each theory), which is why many methods and tests quite distantly can be compared with each other.
The second reason relates directly to diagnostic tests and methods. There is a rapid change in society and these need to be at par with current trends.
The third reason is the methods of express diagnostics in appearance. The problem is that there are a huge number of books on this topic, many articles have been published, but there is still no scientific research. There is no theoretical justification why (and if) these diagnostic methods work.
These are far from all the diagnostic problems that any practicing psychologist or person who would like to plunge into or want to deal with. If you, however, want to "skip the queue" and learn the best ways of analyzing people to "foresee" their next several steps, then this book is for you. Take a sneak peek at a few of the details discussed in this book:
  • Dark thoughts
  • The deceptive personalities of psychopaths
  • How does the knowledge of dark psychology help?
  • Dark Psychology versus Normal Psychology
  • Understanding the Different Personality Types
  • The Enneagram of personality
  • Techniques to Use Dark Psychology
  • How to protect yourself from dark psychology techniques
  • Ways to use dark psychology like a pro
  • Looks that speak volumes
  • The gestures associated with the speech
  • Controlling your body language to give the correct message
  • Gesture expressions
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Deciphering the secret details of the body
  • Speed-Reading People
  • Deception
  • Learn to deceive others: A step by step guide on types and techniques of deception
  • How to detect deception around you
... amongst a ton of others. All you need is right before you. And it is in one place - on the pages of this book
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