#Stumped: Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults (Paperback)

#Stumped: Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults By Barbara Tremblay Cipak Cover Image
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...Scroll down to preview more riddles to get a taste of the fun
"What-Am-I" style riddles you'll get to solve with this book...

First, can you solve this one?

I am a word that has three letters
but I'm actually six letters long
I'm used when thinking or trying to figure
what may have gone wrong,
here is a clue that may help you,
four of my letters are the same,
and the first three letters
spell a body part,
or an animals name,
What word am I?

It's not just a riddle book...

...it's also a game.

**Are you bored with those same old rehashed riddles?

**Guess what? You're ONLY getting ORIGINAL "What-Am-I" Riddles in this book

What The Stumped Riddle Book Includes:

  • One riddle per page
  • Easy-to-read riddles
  • Riddles in photo format (not just boring text )
  • Eight different riddle chapter topics
  • Answers at the back of the book
  • It's also an around-the-table book game
  • Family-friendly riddles
  • Riddles that are ideal for teachers, parties, and contests
  • All riddles are original and uniquely written
  • Great for adults, older teens, and brainiac kids

You'll want this riddle book because it's packed with unique riddles to frustrate your friends, for party games, or to exercise your mind Turn the world off with a smile.

Get it now.

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ISBN: 9781702552516
ISBN-10: 1702552519
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 25th, 2019
Pages: 112
Language: English