Demonetization was an Opportunity: Indian Juggad (Paperback)

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This is book is based on a white collar crime which happened at the time of 2016 during demonetization started by Indian Prime Minister, various middle-class, small shop keepers and businessmen did very legit and ethical crime by swapping 500rs and 1000rs note into new notes which were newly introduced into market.How small vendor In Mumbai managed to earn his 3-4 months salary with in just 2days with the help of his family and creatively using his brain in a legit way that's one of the topic following with the second topic based on middle-class people started few business illegally but still a legal way to earn the money.The third topic based on top rich businessmen who earn not less a 1 lakh a day how they found they way to keep the money safe when the demonetization started. Lastly but not least how the author of this book did a funny thing which shocked 40 people in a queue and lead him to the advantage. Lastly how government was taking necessary actions when all this things were happening simultaneously. In this book I have shown a great way to use a brain in a very misuse way but still in a legal way.

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ISBN: 9781696555838
ISBN-10: 1696555833
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 30
Language: English