1,000 + Games jigsaw killer sudoku 9x9: Logic puzzles hard levels (Paperback)

1,000 + Games jigsaw killer sudoku 9x9: Logic puzzles hard levels By Basford Holmes Cover Image
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The positive book. Suitable for adults. 6 puzzles per page. 1002 killer jigsaw sudoku puzzles hard levels. Thick paper. Glossy cover. Jigsaw Killer sudoku may be called or searched with the following phrases or names: sudoku, jigsaw sudoku, jigsaw killer, sum sudoku, killer sudoku books, times killer sudoku, sumdoku, sudoku books, hard killer sudoku, times killer sudoku books, jigsaw sudoku books, killer sudoku puzzles, puzzle, the times killer sudoku books, times ultimate killer sudoku books, sudoku 9x9, killer sudoku puzzle books, killer puzzle, sumoku sudoku, sudoku puzzels, sudoku game, sudoku puzzle books, daily killer sudoku, daily sudoku killer, sudoku puzzles, sudoku extreme, difficult sudoku, sudoku of the day, sudoku hints, sum sudoku puzzles, jigsaw sudoku puzzles, la times sudoku, sudoku x, puzzle killer, krazydad sudoku, sudoku net, killer sudoku solver, sudoku mania, fiendish sudoku, daily killer sudoku main past puzzles, times puzzles killer, sudoku uk, usa today sudoku, play sudoku game, the daily sudoku, sudoku billions, sudoku x wing, lovatts sudoku, sudoku k, sudoku name, how to solve sumoku puzzles, guardian sudoku, guardian killer sudoku, telegraph killer sudoku, sudoku cage, sudoku sudoku, times ultimate killer sudoku, killer sudoku solutions, telegraph sudoku, daily sudoku puzzle, krazydad sudoku killer, sodakku, sum sudoku tips, krazydad killer sudoku tough, killer sudoku uk, killer, gratis sudoku, open sudoku puzzles, sudoku number puzzle, brainbashers daily killer sudoku, sudoku game 9x9, sudoku or sudoku, largest sudoku puzzle, guardian killer sudoku today. I hope you enjoy these puzzles. Best regards, Basford Holmes.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781694558503
ISBN-10: 1694558509
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 20th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English