The Encounter: Breaking Out of Fear (Paperback)

The Encounter: Breaking Out of Fear By Lizette Gallagher Cover Image

The Encounter: Breaking Out of Fear (Paperback)


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I honestly hope this book would inspire you in your journey with the Lord. The purpose of this book was to let others know God's existence, let others know how God can just come into your life and show his existence.I remember when he first appeared to me, he showed me the words that I had written on the book and then showed me the vision of a huge bridge, and in the vision, the bridge was made out of the cross, and inside the bridge were the words he instructed me to share with the world, and He wanted me to let everyone know we all already have everything we need to continue walking with God inside that bridge, but in order to receive it, we have to believe in God to enter. We must surrender to God, so therefore we must die from self, to live for God. I know it is not easy, but if you believe in his word and if you surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to enter, the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, and when you know the truth, then and only then, you shall be set free. So trust and know that the Lord has set us apart.So when you are through with this book, you will see the words that the Father has spoken that had not yet been heard on earth, and then you shall know that the Lord is the Lord and his existence is real.God bless you.GodsWarrior

Product Details ISBN: 9781685706685
ISBN-10: 1685706681
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: September 14th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English