Security In The 21st Century: The 21st Last Treatise on Security (Paperback)

Security In The 21st Century: The 21st Last Treatise on Security By Nyagatare Valens, André Hakizimana Cover Image
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When it comes to security, in reality, self-interests is the driver, and not interests for others. Thus, we are all working for self-survival not for the survival for others. However, we survive because of others. Without others, we have no self-interests, and our self-interests is rooted from others. Consequentially we need security to protect our self-interests, but we should not forget that our security is rooted from others' security. Therefore, security for others is rooted from us and vice versa. In brief, we need each other for our survival and security. This natural law of sharing our interests make us to negotiate each other for our interests. thus, the word negotiation originate from self- interests individual and nation self-interests. Understanding and respecting the natural law of self-interests therefore we attempt to uproot the threats to all societies thus uproot the global power threats.

In general, this book discusses both global security questions and their impact on global citizen economic life. The ambition of this book is not about criticizing, accusing or blaming anyone. The texts from this book are for advising to update policies that threaten the world society, therefore imposing constraints on international institutions. The goal of this book is to discuss the political realities of today's world security, but

not ideal world security.

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