Hey, Amateur! Go From Novice to Nailing it in 9 Panels (Paperback)

Hey, Amateur! Go From Novice to Nailing it in 9 Panels By Shelly Bond (Editor) Cover Image

Hey, Amateur! Go From Novice to Nailing it in 9 Panels (Paperback)

By Shelly Bond (Editor)


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What do you want to learn about? Take your pick in this anthology combining the unprecedented approach of a "how to" book with the diverse subject matter from over 100 contributors sharing their hidden talents via one-page, nine-panel comics!

Includes entries from a variety of comics talent including Michael Allred, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Becky Cloonan, Sanford Greene, Paul Pope, Gail Simone, Gene Ha, Box Brown, Gilbert Hernandez, Leah Moore, Chynna Clugston Flores, and more.

Each story is part personal "how to," part "how-so." Learn new skills or hone the ones you've got. Some of these one-pagers will illuminate aspects of the comic book storytelling process like drawing likenesses, lettering, and cropping art panels. Others go beyond the comics world from the practical (catching a loose dog, changing a tire, speaking in public), to the fun (creating cheap horror makeup, skanking at a ska show, faking a guitar solo), to the peculiar (destroying the Internet, training your doppelganger, surviving a bear attack--probably).

All from a diverse mix of creators from South Africa, South America, North America, England, India, and other parts of the world sharing their favorite recipes, traditions, talents, and skills! Learn about a myriad array of subjects from your favorite creators in this fun, educational anthology.
Shelly Bond is the curator/editor of Black Crown, IDW's creator-owned imprint at the cross street of comics and chaos. See the debut titles Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, and Punks Not Dead! Her name appears in over 950 comic books and graphic novels, from Neil Gaiman's award-winning Sandman series to masterworks by Grant Morrison, Bill Willingham, and Michael Allred. Bond lives in Los Angeles with her favorite comics book artist/husband, Philip, and their son, Spencer. She wields red pens and tap shoes with equal aplomb.
Product Details ISBN: 9781684057665
ISBN-10: 1684057663
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English
“This book is a pure joy to read, from the absolute home run introduction by Kelly Sue DeConnick to the explanation of the nine-panel grid by Jim Rigg. Shelly Bond pulls together so many talented creators that it’s ridiculous. As much as I wish I could mention them all, there are just too many to be named here.  She even writes one of the pages herself. There are not many graphic novels like this, especially ones that are gold from beginning to end.” —Fanbase Press