Ready to Grow Up Everything You Need to Know About Potty Training (Paperback)

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If you wish to avoid frequent accidents and ease the learning process, this book is undoubtedly the one for you. With just a little bit of reading and simple exercises to improve your own confidence, you can greatly improve the experience of your child.

This book is a comprehensive guide to potty-training. Whether you are a first-time parent or have other kids, you will need to remind yourself that calm is necessary. This is where ready to grow up will provide you with all the guidance you need. This book seeks to provide the reader with ample research-based information on means of carrying out potty training, what to expect from the potty-training process, and how to deal with probable challenges.

You can expect a variety of tips that will facilitate convincing your child to sit on a potty, teaching them necessary hygienic routines and waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. You will read about methods of empathizing with your child's feelings at all stages of potty training. You can also expect to learn crucial information about the possible effects of potty-training errors on children.

The preventive methods described in this book allow even anxious parents to transform into confident child development gurus. After all, your child is likely to benefit from your own well-being during this stage. They are most sensitive to all emotional outbursts during transition periods; Therefore, you will have to keep them feeling loved and protected throughout.

Your children effectively soak up your emotions, particularly at stressful stages in their lives. You can expect detailed guidance on how to manage your emotions from this book, as well as affirmative messaging to remind yourself of your own achievements as a parent.

Successful potty-training is not about employing a handful of tricks. It isn't about discipline and firmness either. Rather, it is about knowing how to predict your child's emotions during each stage of the potty-training experience. You will need to know how to place yourself in their tiny little shoes and accept their challenges. This, naturally, may not feel easy. This is why you may derive great use from this book.

Inside you will find:

  • Why potty-training is necessary and how to get your child to become interested in using a potty
  • The best time to start potty-training and how to know if your child is ready for it
  • Step by step guide and various methods you can use to motivate your child to use the potty
  • How to prepare yourself and your toddler and how to use planning and scheduling in your advantage
  • How is potty-training closely connected to your child psyche and how can bad training leave some consequences
  • How to cope with the worst potty-training problems, understanding the differences between day-time accidents and wetting the bed, nighttime training and finally ditching the dippers

You will find that the more knowledge you have on the potty-training experience, the more control you will have over your child's learning. Forget the excessive tantrums and tears With just one crucial attitude change, you can ensure your child navigates through all essential potty training stages smoothly.

Ready to Grow Up combines psychological insight and experience-based parental guidance. All the tips listed below have been tried and tested and deemed by either a professional or a parent to have been highly effective. This read is the bridge you have been needing to Zen, effortless early-stage parenting. It will save you from the chaos of an overwhelmed, anxious child, and constant bed-wetting.

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