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"We can give ourselves something greater. A deeper, meaningful experience that we can savor to our last moments and pass on to our children..."Humanity is at a crossroads of abundance and despair. In the United States alone, there are 3.5 million Americans living on its streets, yet almost 20 million of its homes are empty. Throughout the world, there are more than 800 million human lives going hungry, yet 1.4 billion tons of food is wasted every day.In The Greenprint, author and community organizer Jordyn Barber envisions a bold solution to this systemic disaster. It's called The Neighborhood, a forward-thinking, self-sustaining economic model for the 21st century. It's the garden city built on a purely local level, by people working for each other, not just the few movers and shakers on top.Ambitious, hi-tech, and agriculturally-centered, Barber's optimal community paradigm is designed for resources to not only be utilized wisely, but creatively. From Healthcare, to education and the arts, The Neighborhood will flourish and improve the quality of life via its own fuel and fire.Unlike most urban studies, The Greenprint is a minimal and easily accessible set of new rules and fresh concepts. It's a call to action where everyone is empowered to make a difference. Meant for implementation on a grassroots level, Barber has created an organic model for change, and a genuine way to build a better, brighter and healthier future for all. To learn more about her mission for a sustainable economy, join the growing community at

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ISBN: 9781658103558
ISBN-10: 1658103556
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 10th, 2020
Pages: 50
Language: English