#STUMPED Volume 2: School Subjects - Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults (Paperback)

#STUMPED Volume 2: School Subjects - Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults By Barbara Tremblay Cipak Cover Image
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How smart are you? ...

Can you solve this riddle?

Ready? Here it is:

It's said we all have one,
those who believe never doubt,
that everyone's included,
no one is left out,
we also say it to mean there's only one,
and when it's spelled differently,
we use it to run,
but wait, don't be confused,
'cause I'll give you some pity,
when spoken out loud,
it's the name of a city,
What word am I?

Did you figure out the riddle answer?

You won't find any old, rehashed riddles in this book

These School Subject Riddles are all originally written.

... AND best of all, this School Riddle Book is also a game

Or, if you prefer, it's your own personal school-related mind exercise book.

What You Get with School Riddles:

  • Only original, uniquely written riddles
  • Eight chapter topics
  • Riddles in photo format (not just boring text )
  • Use the riddles in games, for teachers, parties, gifts, contests, or personal challenge
  • All riddles are written in the "What Am I" format
  • Teachers can write a riddle a day on the chalkboard
  • Family-friendly
  • Answers at the back of the book

The riddle book chapters are broken down into the following school subject categories:

  1. Music
  2. Art
  3. History
  4. Health
  5. Geography
  6. Math
  7. Business
  8. Physical Education

You'll love this book because the riddles are one-of-a-kind, fun, and easy to read, and it makes a great around-the-table game for classrooms or family gatherings.

Get it now.

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