A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Prison - Part One (Hardcover)

A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Prison - Part One By Anderson Andrews Cover Image
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Imagine, trying to live a normal life as a Fugitive from Justice. What if someone you completely trusted asked you to jump off a cliff . . . but promised you'd safely land? What if you'd died to all you've ever been, but could never again be who you were before? What if you had to totally recreate a whole new reality . . . but first you had to grow some wings and learn to fly? What if you were on a journey to somewhere . . . but had no idea where you were going or when you'd get there? What if all you had was just a few hundred bucks in your worn-out wallet, an old car, an old computer, an idea for writing a bestselling book, and only had two friends you could trust? Sometimes, it takes a little help from some very unusual friends ... but what if one of them was an 800-year-old Scottish Spirit, and the other was a very wise and ancient Archangel... Note: This is Part One of a Two-Part Series. It's a Memoir, a Social Commentary . . . and very Multidimensional. An absolute must-read book for the times we now live in

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ISBN: 9781647864682
ISBN-10: 1647864682
Publisher: Transformational Novels
Publication Date: March 9th, 2020
Pages: 430
Language: English