Murder Goes to Market (Paperback)

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Murder Goes to Market (Paperback)


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Claudia Simcoe has left the tech world of San Francisco to start a new, quiet life in the peaceful coastal town of San Elmo Bay. Now she owns a market specializing in artisanal, locally-made goods. But then Lori Roth, one of her market’s vendors, is strangled to death with a wire. And all of a sudden San Elmo stops seeming so peaceful. Especially when suspicion for the murder falls upon Claudia.

Things don’t get any simpler when a second victim turns up. The body count is rising, and Police Chief Lennox thinks Claudia’s the killer. There’s friction between her and her weirdo neighbor. Lori’s past yields some worrisome questions. A massive pickle jar seems to have played a role in the murder. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, Officer Derek Chambers, Chief Lennox’s new hire, is pretty cute.
Daisy Bateman is the author of the Marketplace Mysteries series, in which the owner of an artisan foods marketplace on the Sonoma Coast solves murders and stops for the occasional snack. Daisy is a mystery lover, cheese enthusiast, and world-renowned expert in Why You Should Buy That. In what passes for normal life, she works in biotech and lives in Alameda, California, with her husband and a labradoodle on a mission to chew the world into tiny pieces

Product Details ISBN: 9781645060123
ISBN-10: 1645060128
Publisher: Seventh Street Books
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 248
Language: English
A pleasing debut for a complicated sleuth in this up-to-date take on the cozy mystery.
— Kirkus Reviews

Claudia’s lively and often highly amusing narration presents plausible potential suspects and motives galore—all this plus intelligent furry and feathered friends. Cozy fans will eagerly await Claudia’s next adventure.
— Publishers Weekly

There’s nothing like a good murder weapon, and Daisy Bateman delivers, with several, including a jar of pickles, a cheese wire, and a butcher knife. Bateman brings us Claudia Simcoe, a smart businesswoman and manager of an artisanal market who knows her way around software, her tenants’ two-year gouda, and the occasional goose. Claudia is a rich character who gets into the kind of trouble we love: tracking down a murderer who has not only killed, but pushed Claudia to the top of the suspect list. Bateman writes with confidence, providing descriptions that are a sensory delight, whether of frittatas or splendorous bay and ocean views, and a crew of characters who stand out as unique and unpredictable individuals. We hold our breath as Claudia investigates, sometimes sneaking around, other times frighteningly out in the open, but always holding our attention.

— Camille Minichino, author of five mystery series

This is my favorite debut novel ever. Bateman's wit, warmth, and charming depth of descriptive power don't just leap off the page, they welcome you into the company of such splendid characters you won't want to leave. Pick your coziest chair, bring snacks, and don't forget to hydrate. May she write fast: I can't wait to devour her next book.
— Cornelia Read, author of the Edgar Award-nominated debut 'A Field of Darkness'

 A lively, witty mystery set in a coastal northern California town that’s so real I can almost smell the ocean and hear the gulls. And as Daisy Bateman writes: “If you had asked Claudia what she expected to come of her opening an artisanal marketplace in a seaside town, “assembles a mismatched team to investigate a murder” would not have been her first guess.
— Susan C. Shea, author of 'Love & Death in Burgundy'

In this charming debut, Daisy Bateman offers a deliciously fresh and funny take on cozy mysteries. Readers will want to spend more time with the irrepressible Claudia Simcoe, not to mention the quirky vendors and customers of her artisanal (but occasionally murderous) market hall located on the atmospheric Sonoma coast. I know *I’m* already hungry for more Murder Goes to Market!
— Juliet Blackwell, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchcraft Mysteries and the Haunted Home Renovation series

This foodie cozy is not too sweet, and not too sharp, but juuuust right. The setting - a farm-to-fork marketplace and cottage by the sea in California - pulls us in on page one and the day-dream is complete when we meet Claudia Simcoe, who's a BFF waiting to happen. Of course, murder gets in the way but the plot is tight, the twists convincing, and the resolution nicely sprung. And did I say it's laugh-out-loud funny? Neatly up-ending some cozy conventions, Murder Goes to Market is a confident series debut, with just a whiff of what's on sale in book two.
— Catriona McPherson, author of Mary Higgins Clark award finalist 'Strangers at the Gate'

Murder Goes to Market is perfect for any reader in the market for mystery. You'll find a puzzling whodunnit, an endearing amateur sleuth to root for and, in bucolic San Elmo, California, a setting you'll wish you could visit. And it's all handcrafted by the finest local artisans. (Well, or wonderfully written by Daisy Bateman, anyway.) Plop a copy into your shopping basket today!
— Steve Hockensmith, Edgar finalist author of 'Holmes on the Range'