Walking With Spirits Volume 4 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore (Hardcover)

Walking With Spirits Volume 4 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore By G. W. Mullins, C. L. Hause (Illustrator) Cover Image
By G. W. Mullins, C. L. Hause (Illustrator)
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Walking With Spirits Volume Four is a huge collection of Native American history. Following on the heels of the highly successful first three volumes, this fourth set offers many more wonderful and entertaining stories. This volume will leave you ready and awaiting the fifth.

Through storytelling, the rich history of the Native American tribes is alive and well today. It has been shared and preserved and still pays tribute to fallen heroes of the past. Often, Native Americans have been misrepresented as violent people. It is through the glimpses into the past, and these stories much like the ones that are contained in this book, that you can see what a proud heritage they possess and how in tune with the Earth Native Americans really are.

Being there were so many different tribes with countless beliefs and customs, the only way to understand their ways is through understanding their stories. In this book I have endeavored to show a wide landscape of different tribes and hopefully present a true look at their beliefs. With this book I hope you understand the Native American people a little better and understand where they have come from and what they can offer the world.

By exploring these stories I hope to offer you a glimpse into an often forgotten past. The past of my people. I was born Cherokee and as a child heard many of these stories. These stories were passed to me in the old traditional way by my grandfather. And now I give these stories to you, to carry forward for younger generations to explore and learn. You are invited again to go Walking With Spirits.

Among the stories included in this volume are: The Sun Snarer, Creation of First Man and First Woman, The Fatal Swing, Song of the Ghost Dance, Paiute Medicine Song, Origin of Clear Lake, The Great Fire, The Medicine Grizzly Bear, The Girl Who Was the Ring, How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite, The White Trail in the Sky, The Cloud People, Crossing the Red Sea, The Eye Juggler, The Rolling Head, The Tower of Babel, The Jealous Father, The False Bride Groom, The Alligator That Stole a Man, and many, many more.

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Publication Date: July 17th, 2017
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