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My Walk with Jesus is an inspirational walk through the author's life trials and tribulations. The stories are riveting and, best of all, there is always an encouraging statement of how faith and prayer were the way the author made it through and how we, the readers, can as well.

It is amazing how when one looks back on the events of life, we see how God's presence carried us through. Faith is a universal theme in the book as well as a theme in life in general. Without faith, it is difficult to imagine how the ups and downs of life could be tolerable. The author makes the point over and over again about how her faith got her through great trials in her life.

The power of prayer is also evident in this book. How many parents have not had the moment when you just have to leave the room? The power of a few moments of prayer impacts both the parent and the child. It gives the frustrated parent the opportunity to breath and redirect frustration to prayer, and it impacts the child who benefits with a parent who's a bit calmer and more centered.

Many resources are included throughout this self-help/inspirational book that will be terrific for the reader who is on the search for ways to better navigate life. The Bible is such a dynamic, living book that teachings and verses within its covers can help us out of any situation. It also reminds us that God is ultimately in charge and He has the strength and endurance we lack at times.

Best of all, My Walk with Jesus lets the reader know that they are not alone in finding difficulties navigating life's roller coasters. There are people there in the same boat so to speak. The term that it takes a village sometimes is real. Sharing our experiences like we see in this book can become our village to help us through the tough times.

Fantastic work Well worth the read and the resources included.

Back cover summary by Laurie Thomas

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ISBN: 9781639615070
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Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: February 17th, 2022
Pages: 78
Language: English