Creation in Contemporary Experience (Paperback)

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How do our beliefs about creation impact our action in the world today? Is God's creation an activity in the present as well as the past?

What we believe about God as creator impacts our theology and action in many ways. In this book, Dr. David Moffett-Moore will examine some of these implications by looking at topics as diverse as quantum physics and chaos theory, hermeneutics, ethics, and how we tell stories of faith.Can one accept the major theories of science, including evolution and still be a faithful believer? What do these findings of science mean for the way we do theology in the 21st century?

Dr. Moffett-Moore not only believes that we can accept the findings of science and still be faithful Christians, he believes that discoveries in fields such as physics and biology can help us talk about God in a more relevant and compelling way than we ever have before. And when we talk about God in this new way, we will also find a new call to live in a way that is faithful both to the wonders of the physical Creation, and also to scripture.

This book provides an excellent resource to explore the way in which understanding God as creator can impact our lives and our service to others.

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ISBN: 9781631990106
ISBN-10: 1631990101
Publisher: Energion Publications
Publication Date: April 14th, 2014
Pages: 90
Language: English