Inner City Romance (Paperback)

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Every issue of Inner City Romance—Guy Colwell's '70s underground comic book series about prison, black culture, ghetto life, the sex trade, and radical activism—is collected in this book, along with Colwell's paintings and a contextual, autobiographical essay.

Guy Colwell’s 1970s underground comic book series Inner City Romance tread new territory: it was filled with stories about prison, black culture, ghetto life, the sex trade, and radical activism. It portrayed the unpleasant realities of life in the inner city, where opportunities were limited and being on the lowest end of the economic ladder meant that one’s vision of the American dream was more about survival than lifestyle choices. Every issue of Inner City Romance is included in this collection, as well as many of the highly detailed paintings Colwell created at the time. In an accompanying text piece, Colwell provides context for the material.

About the Author

Guy Colwell (b. 1945, Oakland, California) is a painter and comics artist best known for his underground comix series Inner City Romance, which once sold 50,000 copies an issue. It was inspired by the two years Colwell spent at McNeil Island federal prison for draft refusal in the late ’60s. He also illustrated the underground paper Good Times, and worked as a colorist for and contributor to a number of underground comix projects, before focusing on his work as a painter. Today he is well known for his political paintings, including Litter Beach and The Abuse, as well as wildlife murals, like the 700-square-foot rainforest wall Colwell painted for the Oakland Zoo.

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