The Complete Works of Thomas Boston, 12 Volumes (Other)

The Complete Works of Thomas Boston, 12 Volumes By Thomas Boston Cover Image

The Complete Works of Thomas Boston, 12 Volumes (Other)


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It is said that Thomas Boston did more to cultivate true Christian devotion in Scotland than any other minister in his generation. And where better to sample his warm spirituality than in his collected writings? Boston's works were first collected and published in 1767 and later reprinted in 1773. The Complete Works, edited by Samuel McMillan and published in twelve volumes in 1853, is now reproduced here with an introduction to Boston's life and theology by Joel R. Beeke and Randall J. Pederson. Boston's writings combine sound exegesis with experiential piety and admonition that continue to encourage a vibrant Reformed spirituality in our own day.

Table of Contents:

Volume 1 - Commentary on the Shorter Catechism (volume one)

Volume 2 - Commentary on the Shorter Catechism (volume two)

Volume 3 - Sermons, Chiefly on Communion Occasions, The Crook in the Lot

Volume 4 - Sermons on Various Practical Subjects

Volume 5 - The Art of Man-Fishing, The Distinguishing Characteristics of True Believers, The State and Character of True Believers

Volume 6 - Miscellaneous Questions, Miscellaneous Tracts, Paraphrase on the Epistle to the Galatians, Practical Discourses

Volume 7 - A Brief Explication of the First Part of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, The Marrow of Modern Divinity (On the Covenants, the Gospel and the Law), Everlasting Espousals, The Mystery of Christ in the Form of a Servant, The Peculiar Mercy and Business of Life Opened Up and Applied, The Evil and Danger of Schism (see Clarkson's Plain Reasons for a refutation), The Necessity and Foundations of a Throne of Grace for the Behoof of Poor Sinners, The Evidences and Causes of the Decay of Religion in the Soul Discovered (and Its Cure)

Volume 8 - Human Nature in Its Fourfold State, A View of the Covenant of Grace from the Sacred Records

Volume 9 - Sermons on Various Practical Subjects

Volume 10 - Sermons on Various Practical Subjects, Sermons on the Name and Attributes of Christ, The Christian Life Delineated in Several Practical Discourses

Volume 11 - Discourses on Prayer, A View of the Covenant of Works from the Sacred Records, A Memorial Concerning Personal and Family Fasting and Humiliation,

Volume 12 - The Author's Address to His Children, Memoirs

Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was born in Duns, Scotland, the youngest of seven children. He experienced a spiritual awakening when only eleven years old under the preaching ministry of Henry Erskine, the father of Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine. After an education at Edinburgh University, Boston devoted thirty-three years to gospel ministry--first in the parish of Simprin for seven years and then in Ettrick for the remainder of his life. At the denominational level, Boston took a lead in what became known as the Marrow Controversy (1717-1723), where he sought to correct the legalistic tendency in Scottish preaching by emphasizing God's free offer of grace and Christ's meritorious work for the sinner.
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