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The Early History of Clay County: A Wilderness That Could Be Tamed (Paperback)

The Early History of Clay County: A Wilderness That Could Be Tamed Cover Image
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The land that makes up Clay County, Florida, today has been home to an array of diverse inhabitants throughout its long history. Timucua Indian villages, Spanish missions, English plantations and American forts have all sprung up from Clay County's lush landscape, along the majestic St. Johns river and beyond. The history of the county has been wrought by the struggles of tribes and nations; the endeavors of settlers and soldiers.
In this in-depth look at Clay County's vibrant past, local historian Kevin Hooper sheds light on the stories behind these various influences, and examines the development of the region from the pre-colonial period to the onset of the Civil War. Hooper calls upon a breadth of archival primary source material, and combines it with findings from recent archaeological discoveries in the region to provide an accessible and balanced work. The Early History of Clay County truly offers a comprehensive consideration of the factors and factions that have shaped the past in this fascinating area of northeastern Florida.

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ISBN: 9781596290631
ISBN-10: 1596290633
Publisher: History Press (SC)
Publication Date: June 16th, 2006
Pages: 222
Language: English