Mr. New York's Trivia Quiz (Paperback)

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Mr. New Yorks Trivia Quiz is a unique book that offers hundreds of multiple choice questions ( and answers ) about New York City. There are also True-False questions and List-Matching questions, all interspersed with pictures and charts. The book is not just a fun book, but a learning tool, posing "Triv-Bits" on little known facts about the City. It runs the gamut of subjects: architecture, geography, sports, people, politics, events, and so on. Each of the 38 chapters covers a different aspect of New York. The question and answer format, with pictures and charts and comments, will beguile the reader, who will grasp quickly that Mr. New Yorks Trivia Quiz may be too trivial a title for this entertaining tour of the worlds greatest city.

About the Author

John Barbieri, a trial lawyer born and raised in New York City, has become a fanatic about his home town. It all began as he peered at the Manhattan skyline from the windows of his elementary school in Queens. At eight, when some kids still need permission to cross the street, he stole surreptitiously across the Queensboro Bridge and the East River on his bicycle. He had invaded the magic town, and the love affair was on. He bicycled down to his fathers place of business just west of Times Square, to a reprimand from daddy, administered, however, with a twinkle of satisfaction: Daddy and Daddys Daddy were New York City buffs, too, and they rejoiced to see the baton passed on so early. Johns bicycle tours continued, reaching a higher plane when he drove a limo to help put himself through law school. Between bike and subway, two legs that trod the nooks and crannies a vehicle couldnt get to, and two eyes that have devoured everything ever written or displayed about his beloved city -- he and the City of New York have become alter egos. Encouraged by one of his law school professors ( and New York City walking companions), the upshot is this book, a delightful presentation in the form of a variety of questions and answers about the city that John Barbieri -- and his professor and a lot of others -- deem the Capital of the World.

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Publication Date: June 1st, 2000
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