The Book of Questions: Business, Politics, and Ethics (Paperback)

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Right to life, or abortion rights. Whistle-blowing. Does everyone have a price? The most difficult and revealing of all questions are questions of ethics-easy to answer from afar, but impossible when you're in the thick of it.

From the author of the 1.9-million-copy bestselling The Book of Questions, here are 300 primary and follow-up questions on commerce and politics that probe deeply into our conflicts between ideals and reality, and help us sound our own morals.

Put principles to the test: If you knew you could double your money in two years by investing in a company whose activities you strongly disapprove of, would you? Examine basic beliefs: If you knew you would not produce anything of real significance in your life, how would it change your goals and attitudes? Fantasize about power: If you could determine who could immigrate here, would you let in those who would contribute the most to our country or those most in need of refuge? Define convictions: If you were certain someone convicted of armed robbery would never commit another crime, would you choose a punishment that involved no prison sentence? Perhaps even rehearse for tomorrow: What would you do if after shaking hands on a deal for an item you are selling, someone else offers you twice as much?

Fuel those all-to-rare talks that go deep into the night-and explore and refine your values. 106,000 copies in print.

About the Author

Gregory Stock is a biophysicist, bestselling author, biotech entrepreneur, and the former director of the Program on Medicine, Technology, and Society at UCLA’s School of Medicine. His interests lie in the scientific and evolutionary as well as ethical, social, and political implications of today’s revolutions in the life sciences and in information technology and computers. He lives in Houston, Texas.

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ISBN: 9781563050343
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Publication Date: January 4th, 1991
Pages: 208