A Good Apology Lib/E: Four Steps to Make Things Right (Compact Disc)

A Good Apology Lib/E: Four Steps to Make Things Right Cover Image
By Molly Howes, Maggi-Meg Reed (Read by)
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With the paradigm-shifting power of Hold Me Tight and The Body Keeps the Score, this groundbreaking book on apologies explains how they work, why they're so hard, and why they are essential for rebuilding relationships.

We've all done something wrong or made a mistake or insulted someone -- even if by accident. We've all been hurt and wanted the other person to help us heal. It may be surprising, but the breaches themselves aren't the real problem; our inability to fix them is what causes us trouble.

In A Good Apology, Dr. Molly Howes uses her experiences with patients in her practice, research findings, and news stories to illustrate the power and importance of a thorough apology. She teaches how we can all learn to craft an effective apology with four straightforward steps.

An apology is a small-scale event between people, but it's enormously powerful. This comprehensive book gives readers the tools to fix their relationships, make amends, and move forward. With it, you'll fully understand the meaning and importance of this universal and timeless endeavor: a good apology.

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ISBN: 9781549159763
ISBN-10: 1549159763
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: July 21st, 2020
Language: English