Soul Archaeology: A (Totally Doable) Approach to Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life (Paperback)

Soul Archaeology: A (Totally Doable) Approach to Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life By Sarah Sapora Cover Image

Soul Archaeology: A (Totally Doable) Approach to Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life (Paperback)


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With the help of this powerful guidebook, meet your ultimate You and cultivate real self-acceptance and true self-love in the present moment. 

You want to love yourself. You want to let go of feeling invisible or unworthy or alone.  You want to break free of others’ expectations (and your own) and live life on your terms. Let’s do it!

In this highly anticipated debut, plus-size personal growth trailblazer Sarah Sapora redefines self-love, offering the knowing nod, the deep cleansing breath, and the older sister wisdom which women of all sizes have been waiting for. Soul Archaeology begins with a simple, illuminating question: “What’s hurting me right now?”  Acting as your guide, Sapora helps you through the sticky, liberating process of self-discovery to uncover your Ultimate You, allowing you to:
  • see the patterns of self-abandonment that screw you out of a self-loving life;
  • define how you truly want to feel and craft a plan to make it happen;
  • build your Self-Love To-Do List to break free of the quest for unattainable perfection and learn to love the empowered, messy, and beautiful you.
Weaving together practical, transformative guidance with her own deeply personal narrative, Soul Archaeology teaches readers to cast off the chains of traditional Before-and-After thinking so often found in self-improvement. Instead, it offers a strategy for self-accountability, honesty, and compassion that can help each of us to grow into our greatest selves–a person not defined by weight or age, but by our commitment to a more loving, honest, and powerful life.
Sarah Sapora is a writer, inspirational speaker, and the organizer of body inclusive personal growth events and self-love retreats around the world.  Sarah uses her voice to make personal growth relatable to the nearly 70% of American women considered plus size. Online, her tight-knit community includes hundreds of thousands of “80’s and 90’s kids” searching for self-love and wellness free of diet culture. Sarah’s guiding principles of radical vulnerability, self-accountability and tolerance have solidified her reputation as someone who “talks about the hard stuff” with humor and heart. She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her 110lb “lap dog” Eliza, and loves cowboy boots, meditation, cooking, and crochet. 
Product Details ISBN: 9781538725740
ISBN-10: 1538725746
Publisher: Balance
Publication Date: August 8th, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English
“I wish I had this book years ago on my journey to self-love. Soul Archaeology offers the opportunity to save women decades of time wasted beating down what they see in the mirror, as I did. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s open-hearted guidance. Even at 54, I learned so much from this book. Kudos Sarah!” —Ricki Lake, Actor, Emmy Award winning Talk Show Host, and Filmmaker

Soul Archaeology will bring comfort and beautiful perspective to people like myself who have struggled with their own self-worth… I feel like I can finally breathe again. I don't have to be so hard on myself anymore.”
 —Carnie Wilson, Grammy Nominated Musician, TV Host, and Mom

“Sarah Sapora has written a must-read for women everywhere…do yourself a serious favor and read this book!”—Mel Robbins, author of the best-selling The 5 Second Rule and award-winning podcast host.

“I have always been inspired by Sarah’s vulnerability and willingness to share from such an authentic and courageous space. I have no doubt this book will help others feel seen and heal. It’s both deeply powerful and practical, offering the reader endless amounts of great moments to be witnessed through Sarah’s demonstration of her own humanness. This is a must-read.”—Mark Groves, Human Connection Specialist & Founder of Create the Love