Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming: Biodynamic Principles and Perspectives (Hardcover)

Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming: Biodynamic Principles and Perspectives By Frank Holzman Cover Image
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Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming informs and inspires gardeners, and farmers, who wish to bring quality and integrity into their work with the land. It is about developing close relationships with land that produces our food. This book combines over 40 years of Frank Holzman's experience in farming, gardening, education, research, and development to provide techniques and concepts for sustainable land use. Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming is a more spiritual and thoughtful approach to land stewardship, geared toward aspiring gardeners with a desire for a deeper connection with the earth. It is as much about why as it is about how to develop land. Rather than traditional tractor farming, this book provides a better understanding of horticulture, dealing with the biological interactions between soils and plants, and providing a good understanding of living systems. Holzman examines healthy perspectives of how to approach a piece of land as a living organism and transform it into a balanced ecosystem. Frank Holzman provides lots of information and insight for backyard gardeners and professional farmers, alike. Truly a great resource for transforming the garden, as well as the gardener.

About the Author

Frank Holzman is an organic horticulturist and sustainable farming consultant. Holzman started his career as a landscape maintenance gardener in the San Francisco Bay Area. After studying agricultural sciences at the university, he studied organic horticulture in Santa Cruz, California. He learned about Biodynamics in Alan Chadwick's garden at University of California, Santa Cruz. He worked on farms and gardens in California, Oregon, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Georgia. His work has also taken him to seven countries, primarily in Southeast Asia and Central America establishing education programs and consulting on creating healthy ecosystems. Frank Holzman also serves as president of Recovery Eco Agriculture Project, working on sustainable land use, education, research and development.

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ISBN: 9781538105986
ISBN-10: 1538105985
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2018
Pages: 220
Language: English