Homesteading For Beginners: How To Build A Profitable Homestead Backyard Farm and Make Money From Urban Farming (Paperback)

Homesteading For Beginners: How To Build A Profitable Homestead Backyard Farm and Make Money From Urban Farming By William Walsworth Cover Image
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The ultimate beginner's guide to starting a profitable homestead

This book contains valuable ideas that allow you to become a completely self-sufficient and profitable homesteader. Learn today how to make money from homesteading and build your own local urban farm...

In this book you will learn how to start your homesteading operation and turn it into a profitable small business operation. This beginner's guide will introduce you to the possibilities of becoming self-sufficient using your own backyard farm land as a resource. You will learn:

  • Essential skills to begin your homesteading plan
  • Required resources for building your homestead
  • Ideas on valuable cash crops that only few people consider
  • Out of the box ideas to make your homestead profitable long-term
  • Important do's and don'ts when starting your business operation

If you have been thinking about growing your homestead and wanted to learn the basics on how to turn your operation into something that makes you long-term passive income, this is the book for you. Having your own urban farm, producing your own delicious fruits and vegetables and running your urban farm from your own backyard, allows you to become self-sufficient and live on your own terms. Using the information in this book, you will soon be equipped with enough knowledge to run your urban mini backyard farm and become a real homesteader

Discover the world of the self-sufficient urban farmer...

Small-scale homesteads allow for the production of high-quality products that promote healthy living. With sustainable local homesteads becoming increasingly popular, more and more people turn from being a hobby gardener into a real homesteader, each with their own profitable 'farmstead'. How amazing is it to be able to earn money on your own land, make people happy with fresh, locally produced organic products, as well as living healthy and in harmony with nature?

Running your homestead can sometimes be a challenge, but the benefits of fresh and locally produced products will likely outweigh the downsides of building a backyard farm. Many people have taken the plunge and decided to learn about homesteading already, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try Scroll to the top of the page and click " ADD TO CART " to start your homesteading adventure.

Learn about these topics and start discovering some great homesteading money-making secrets...

How to get your produce on local markets
Leverage your selling power by growing a farmer's community
Essential upgrades and maintenance requirements for your homestead
How to easily get into new exciting markets with high demand
How to apply diversitfication in your homestead that allows you to think outside the box

Not only homesteaders will benefit from this book. If you are into prepping (if SHTF), want to become self-reliant, or want to gather knowledge on living off the grid, this book can be a great resource and help you towards your goals. Even better, it will teach you to make money in the process as well Anyone considering themselves preppers, minimalists, living off the grid, or is simply looking to learn about gardening, do not hesitate to learn about homesteading, because it will be an invaluable skill to have.

About the Author

William Walsworth is a passionate biologist and an expert in sustainable living.

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