An Answer for Everything: 200 Infographics to Explain the World (Hardcover)

An Answer for Everything: 200 Infographics to Explain the World By Delayed Gratification Cover Image

An Answer for Everything: 200 Infographics to Explain the World (Hardcover)


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The world’s most mind-boggling questions, answered through 200 brilliantly clever and addictive infographics.

What’s the secret to living past a hundred? What’s going on in China? Are we running out of sand? And how many chickens are there?

In An Answer for Everything, 200 of the world’s most mind-boggling questions are explained by way of brilliantly clever and addictive infographics. Some will make you giggle, others hit like a sucker punch, and then there are the slow burners, where you can geek out over a data set for hours.

Authored by the team behind Delayed Gratification, the world’s best slow journalism magazine, these deeply researched infographics are a compelling and darkly funny way to see the world around us with new eyes.

Delayed Gratification is a quarterly publication that specialises in demystifying the world's biggest news stories in slow retrospection. Every article is supported by beautifully designed and enlightening data-driven infographics.
Product Details ISBN: 9781526633644
ISBN-10: 1526633647
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication Date: January 4th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English

“The intersection of data and design yields rich, consideration-worthy results—not to mention offering provocative fodder for discussion and debate. The graphics are colorful, witty, and enhance the data presented.” - Booklist

“This book is one of those you want to leave in that place where you always seem to have time to spare, because every page is browse-able. Just dip in here, tuck in over there, and read any one of the page-or-two entries … There's learning going on here but for sure, whatever you read in this book is fun stuff to know for anyone ages 10 to adult.” - Terri Schlichemeyer, The Bookworm Sez

“[An Answer for Everything] is more than a trivia question collection, but more easily accessible than any general-interest information book could be, adding delightful embellishments, color, and whimsical inspections into life questions to invite readers to both learn and enjoy the power of infographics.” - Diane Donovan

“Highly informative and engaging.” - Portland Book Review

“Fresh, fascinating, and fun – a visual and verbal treat” - Ian Hislop

“A chunky, colourful book packed with fascinating facts and figures in infographic form” - Daily Mirror, Books of the Year

“Data just got a lot more fun” - It's Nice That

“Achieves the ultimate factual book goal; makes you cleverer, with minimal effort on your part. You’ll learn from it but somehow it makes that pleasurable” - Rachel Parris, The Mash Report

“A fabulous compendium of a thousand new things you didn’t know you didn’t know. And it looks very nice too” - Andrew Hunter Murray, No Such Thing as a Fish, QI

“Delayed Gratification is one of my favourite magazines, and one of the best things about it is the infographics. They've now published a book of them and it's glorious!” - Alex Bellos