You Are the Awakening (Paperback)

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This first book of a series is a compilation of updated articles regarding the awakening to a more fully conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here. I've selected my more appropriate essays to help empower and encourage anyone who is on this wonderful path of realizing our infinite potential, highlighting the fact that any change we seek in the world around us begins with each of us individually. We cannot expect the true reality we know in our hearts to come to fruition without full conscious awareness on an individual basis. Otherwise, any effort to reform or transmute the world of suffering around us will only reinforce the same constructs and limited understanding that created it. The dynamics of the awakening are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into. In order to tap into the limitless source of our full potential we have to step aside from the severely limited ways of thinking we are accustomed to and apply entirely new seemingly unstructured principles. The only way to find these dynamic forces awaiting us is by letting go of our previous notions, even so-called logic in many cases, as well as a host of reflexive mind sets and emotional responses. These only cloud the heart from realizing itself in our lives. I liken this awakening process to unhooking a type of velcro attachment to our souls one hook and loop at a time. The process is continual, but as we free ourselves we grow more awake and aware and hence empowered to pursue this process which in turn inevitably leads to a changed world view and detached yet empowered lifestyle, as well as feeling compelled to help inspire the same in others. This happens via accessing information, inner realizations and taking action on what we have come to learn. Synchronistic thoughts and events begin to manifest more frequently and as we take these cues seriously and put them into effect, a glorious new life blossoms in the rich soil of our hearts. The articles are arranged in sections but each one is a stand alone entry so they can be read in sequence or individually. It's meant to serve as a sort of empowerment handbook you can easily reference in full, by section or by particular article anytime you'd like to help encourage all those embarking on this wonderful journey. May these words inspire and empower you. Much love, Zen.

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