A Walk on the Trace (Paperback)

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If you would rather sidle up to a young man's tale of adventures in the early 1800's than the adventures of one in the early 21st century this is the read you're in need of. Hunting bears in the hills of Kentucky, maneuvering a keelboat through the currents of the Mississippi River, building whiskey stills, or working with the local clergy, this book will walk you through life in the newly minted United States of America. Written as lived through the eyes of someone who grew up in the areas portrayed in this tale 100 years later this is a mesmerizing story of discovery and growth from young-ster to young-adult. There won't be many books written about spending solitary time in a bedroom playing with joy-sticks, lurking Facebook, or tweeting about the annoyance is sitting next to person X on the school bus, but this story will inspire you and yours, to reach into "real" life and suck the marrow of what our existence is truly about.

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ISBN: 9781517512064
ISBN-10: 1517512069
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 24th, 2015
Pages: 250
Language: English