365 Days: My Unveiling Journey (Paperback)

365 Days: My Unveiling Journey By Ronald W. Alston Sr Cover Image
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This book is a vivid account of the time that I spent in the Republic of Vietnam that left me totally empty. Those 365 Days were the most horrific days of my life where life and death hung in the balance. The worse part of the war at least for me, was to return back to the states being half the person that I was when I left. The worn and torn bodies which constantly laid before me each and every day reminded me of the possibility that one day, one of those bodies could be mine. Those thoughts, even now have grown into emotionally penetrating nightmares, that reinforced the many apprehensions about living my life completely and fulfilling that void of guilt and shame. After 47 years, I still think about those who I knew that didn't make it back, but the countless others who actually died will never find the proper resting place in my mind. Staying busy all of these years nurturing my career and my education has literally been my salvation, and the only outlet that I had was quiet withdrawal. To this day, I am that loner, but my therapy is the time that I spend writing and lecturing around the country. My ability to help other veterans, youth who are lost, and young adults who haven't quite grasped the idea of persistence to overcome their demons have brought me peace, and undeniable satisfaction. I thank God for the strength that I have found, and the healing for which I seek every single day. Without hope, without my practices to remain whole, these years that have passed would not have been possible. So, I have chosen to hunt the evil that others pretend doesn't exist that helps me to always be prepared for what could come and destroy me and those that I love. Semper Fi.

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