Achieve the Summit of Your Dreams: UKandu The GoalModel Method of Life Coaching (Paperback)

Achieve the Summit of Your Dreams: UKandu The GoalModel Method of Life Coaching By Nanci Weston Adair Cover Image
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Nanci Adair was blessed from an early age with vision and the power to manifest her dreams. Growing up, her earliest inspiration came from a children's book: Harold and the Purple Crayon. Like Harold, Nanci could create a world of her own simply by drawing it into being.

Growing up in an abusive, alcoholic, and drug addicted family, Nanci favored fantasy over reality and chose to retreat into a world of art. At age 9, she had a repetitive dream in which she crossed over a stone footbridge to find herself in other worlds. From this dream, she discovered she could use her imagination to shape and manifest the reality of her dreams. Over the years, she has brought to life many of her hopes and dreams of travel, education, having a child, buying a home, and building a successful business.

With credibility and vulnerability, Nanci describes her own journey. For example, when Nanci was told in her mid-thirties she could not have children, she did not give up on her dream of being a mother. Like Harold with his magic crayon, Nanci created a pictorial journal entry of herself holding a baby boy. Today her son is in college. Inside the covers of this book, Nanci shares proven techniques to help you too Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams.

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ISBN: 9781513608099
ISBN-10: 1513608096
Publisher: Ukandu Coaching & Counseling
Publication Date: February 15th, 2016
Pages: 140
Language: English