Truth Seeker: Objections to Christianity (Paperback)

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In recent years, there have been a number of popular books that have questioned who Jesus was. Was he a Zealot, Messiah, misunderstood prophet or someone who was mythologized by the Roman Church to gain power and influence? This book explores these and many other objections to traditional Christian views as a dialogue between a father and son who hold polar opposite beliefs about Jesus, his message and his mission.

About the Author

Warren M Mueller manages a group of environmental scientists and engineers for a Midwestern utility company. He has two Master of Science Degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He has authored or co-authored papers and presentations in environmental studies. In the past ten years, he has written seven Christian fiction and non-fiction books as well as over twenty articles for the New York Times Christianity and Christian Pulse web sites. "Truth Seeker: Objections To Christianity" is his fourth published book. His other published books include: "Truth Seeker: Mormon Scriptures & The Bible, Truth Seeker: Bible Topics & The Past & Future King." My greatest credential is my daily and systematic study of the Bible over the past thirty plus years. My motivation for doing this comes from a deep love and commitment I have to experience ever more of the transforming presence of God in my life. The foundation for this motivation is a spiritual birth that has fundamentally changed me. Prior to this birth, there was only "I," but since then there is always "we." Over the years, my knowledge and experience of God have increased because of regular Bible study, prayer, and interaction with other believers. I have been a deacon, taught Sunday School classes and small groups, spoken in churches and conventions as a Gideon, and have performed many good deeds that I would never have considered by myself. I have learned that these credentials or accomplishments are worthless unless they originate from and are an expression of the love I have for God. Indeed, these very same actions can become a hindrance in that the status, accomplishments, and praise of others can be the motivation rather than an expression of love. In America, copies of the Bible are plentiful, but still few have read it. Therefore, most people do not know what it says. We have put our trust in theologians or religious leaders, which has resulted in the popular belief that the Bible is hard to understand due to many interpretations, or that it contains contradictions or myths. It is not necessary to have a theological degree or training to understand the Bible. The essentials are a born-again faith in Jesus Christ and disciplined study. Seek the advice and counsel of theologians, Christian books, and other believers, but do not be bound by them. Let the Bible always rule in seeking God's message and perspective.

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