A Face in the River (Paperback)

A Face in the River By Christine Luke (Illustrator), Petrea Elma Seaman (Illustrator), Kristine Simelda Cover Image
By Christine Luke (Illustrator), Petrea Elma Seaman (Illustrator), Kristine Simelda
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Twice divorced, middle-aged American businesswoman Krystal Sutherland is bored with her conventional job and her lifestyle. She takes a well-deserved break and falls in love with a wild and beautiful Caribbean island as well as her rugged mountain guide Sham. But things get complicated back home. After much soul searching involving her relationship with her ailing mother, her excellent job, and her First World boyfriend, Krystal leaves them all behind. In the beginning of her tropical adventure all is bliss, but soon the dark side of "paradise" steeped in rum, obeah, and betrayal casts its shadow on their romance. In A Face in the River, Kristine Simelda has crafted a novel that lies like the truth and ultimately invites the reader to consider the high price of enchantment.

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ISBN: 9781508846062
ISBN-10: 1508846065
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 9th, 2015
Pages: 382
Language: English