21 Steps to Guarantee your Dream Job Anywhere in Canada: A Step by Step Success Manual for New Canadian Immigrants: Job Market Inside Tips, Techniques (Paperback)

21 Steps to Guarantee your Dream Job Anywhere in Canada: A Step by Step Success Manual for New Canadian Immigrants: Job Market Inside Tips, Techniques By Ian Khan Cover Image
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Every new immigrant to Canada comes with dreams, hopes and a possibility of having a great job and a great life. Immigration itself is a major task to accomplish and after the years of waiting, the stress and jumping multiple loops, every immigrant dreams of integrating with the Canadian society and becoming a part of the fabric that millions of people from all over the world have embraced. After landing in Canada you are faced with the daunting task of looking for a pace to stay, getting your papers in order and then applying for jobs in the local market. This is where the going gets tough for most people. Getting a job in Canada is like getting a job in any other developed country. Companies have job openings, you have a resume and you think you fit the bill and you apply. After a few weeks you may get a call for an interview and maybe even get the job, or get turned down. For those that get the jobs, things may seem better, but more often than once, you may have to apply for a new job and a new position. Sometimes it may take weeks or even months to find the right fit. In this book you will learn from the experiences of real landed immigrants in Canada, their job search experiences, and their career choices, you will lean more than just how to apply for a job. You will learn how to get in front of the hiring manager and to show them why you are the best candidate for the position. In addition, learn about the various industries, seasons for hiring and the insider view of hiring in any industry. Learn from the authors experiences of looking for jobs, getting interviews and landing successful jobs in the Canadian market. In this book you will learn: Here is a quick run down of all the Steps that will not only Guarantee your success but prepare you at every aspect of your job search, positioning you for success, no matter what the odds. Contents Step 1 - Find Out Who You Truly Are Step 2 - Get A Feel For The Local Market Step 3 - Build Your Hit List Step 4 - Applying to Open Job Positions Step 5 - Build a Compelling Base Resume Step 6 - Where To Find Job Openings Step 7 - How To Target Unlisted Jobs Step 8 - Optimize Your Resume Step 9 - The Cover Letter Has It All Step 10 - Spend Time on Communication Step 11 - The Inner Game Step 12 - Make Social Networks Work Step 13 - LinkedIn Mastery Step 14 - Passing The Personality Tests Step 15 - Excel at the Phone Interview Step 16 - Icing on The Cake - The Thank You Note Step 17 - Job Search Etiquette Step 18 - Questions to ask your Interviewer Step 19 - Questions Interviewers Cannot Ask You Step 20 - The Long Term Job Search Step 21 - Putting Everything Together If you are a landed immigrant in Canada or are going to become one shortly, this book is a must read to be successful in your job search right when you land and be fully prepared even before you set foot on Canadian soil Set yourself apart from the thousands of immigrants who land in Canada every year, and take lead in your job search and be successful.

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Based in Toronto, Canada Ian writes about Self Development, Technology and Business for various online and print media. He is an accomplished writer and has written for over a decade about Technology, Energy and Business. He offers simple insights into topics such as personality development, business management, technology marketing and behavioral psychology and current technology trends. As a management consultant Ian has worked with top companies such as Staples, Remax & many others. He is also the publisher of a popular Canadian Health and Fitness magazine " Family Health & Life". Ian currently lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and travel frequently across the globe.

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