How To Make Bath Bombs, Bath Salts & Bubble Baths: 53 All Natural & Organic Recipes (Paperback)

How To Make Bath Bombs, Bath Salts & Bubble Baths: 53 All Natural & Organic Recipes Cover Image
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Bath Bombs, Baths Salts & Bubble baths are one of the easiest and beneficial beauty products that you can make at home. With simple ingredients you can turn your bath time routine into a luxurious spa like experience. - Do you want to learn how to make your own homemade bath bombs? - How about some luxurious and moisturizing bath salts and bubble baths? - Do you suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis? - Or you have good skin but just want to keep it in tip top condition? If so then you will benefit from this book. In 'Bathmania' - How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs, Bath Salts & Bubble Baths you will discover how to make the quickest and easiest 100% natural (toxin and additive free) products. Using basic natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, I will show you how you can create natural homemade products that will heal, renew and replenish your face and body. Cosmetic companies use these ingredients in their top selling products and charge us $$$$$ for them. I show you how easy it is to make these products yourself at home for pennies. You can make these for yourself, your family and friends and you could even start a little business making and selling these products right from your kitchen table. This is just a sample of the recipes in this book: --Bath Bomb Recipes Stress Relief Bath Bombs Goodnight Bath Bombs Cold Relief Bath Bombs Aching Joints Bath Bombs Cool Coconut Bath Bombs Straight To Sleep Bath Bombs Basic Bath Bombs Lush Bath Bombs Lavender Bath Bombs Tea Tree Bath Bombs Soft Skin Bath Bombs Oatmeal Bath Bombs --Bath Salts Recipes Balancing Bath Salts Lemon & Basil Bath Salts Almond & Peppermint Bath Salts Custom Bath Salts Musky Jasmine Bath Salts Organic Detox Bath Salts Earthy Bath Salts Rejuvenating Bath Salts Milky Bath Salts Bay Leaf & Mint Bath Salts Deep Soak Bath Salts Uplifting Bath Salts Heavy Head Bath Salts Toxin Exterminator Bath salts --Bubble Baths Cherry Bubble Bath Bergamot & Lime Bubble Bath Lavender Bubble Bath Milk & Honey Bubble Bath Raspberry Bubble Bath Herb & Oil Bubble Bath Jasmine Delight Bubble Bath All these homemade bath products are easy to make and they all have their way of helping to heal, moisturize, refresh and revitalize your skin as well. GET LUXURY SKIN TREATMENT TODAY SCROLL UP TO THE TOP, CLICK TO PURCHASE & GET READY TO RELAX WITH THE MOST LUXURIOUS HOMEMADE BATH BOMBS, BATH SALTS AND BUBBLE BATH RECIPES YOU CAN FIND ANYWHERE.

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