Baby Bird Identification: A North American Guide (Paperback)

Baby Bird Identification: A North American Guide By Linda Tuttle-Adams, Rebecca S. Duerr (Foreword by) Cover Image

Baby Bird Identification: A North American Guide (Paperback)


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Baby Bird Identification is a comprehensive illustrated guide for distinguishing hundreds of North American bird species in their early stages of life. From the just hatched to the fledgling, Linda Tuttle-Adams walks readers through the process of identifying baby birds that they may encounter in the wild--a first step to ensuring proper care and rehabilitation.

Successful rehabilitation of birds found in the wild requires species-specific attention. But the identification of a baby bird, whether altricial or precocial, may seem overwhelming at first, even to a trained ornithologist. Tuttle-Adams lays out an approachable and systematic method for discerning a baby bird's identity, offering descriptions of telling anatomical and environmental features as well as details of a bird's day-to-day growth.

With over four hundred original watercolor paintings and an illustrated glossary, Baby Bird Identification is an invaluable resource for wildlife rehabilitators, those who find baby birds in their yards or recreational places, and anyone who enjoys watching or studying birds in the wild.

Linda Tuttle-Adams is a biologist and wildlife artist. She works as a wildlife rehabilitator and as an advocate for conservation of wildlife through public education.
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Publisher: Comstock Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 432
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