21 Forever with Makeup: Professional Makeup Tips & Advanced Techniques That Make You Look Stunningly Beautiful & Years Younger (Paperback)

21 Forever with Makeup: Professional Makeup Tips & Advanced Techniques That Make You Look Stunningly Beautiful & Years Younger By Evelyn R. Scott Cover Image
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At a young age, we are introduced to the power of makeup. Used in the right way, makeup can transform pale eyelashes into alluring, flirty fringe ... or create a sensual pout on otherwise thin lips ... or create a glowing look for cheeks that are less-than vibrant.

In the beginning, we use just a touch of lip gloss and a hint of eye color. But with experience, we become more experimental and play with bold colors on our eyes and get adventurous with wild nail polish. It's one of the many joys of being a girl and getting to play with pretty and playful colors.

As we age, of course, we tend to tone down the shades we use and want a more youthful look. While many women turn to expensive skin creams and surgical enhancements, those who care for their skin well can actually use makeup to create a younger-looking complexion. With a few tips and tricks and the right products and tools, you can master the skills needed to use makeup as a temporary fountain of youth.

In "21 Forever with Makeup," we included many insider secrets that makeup artists know will make their clients look years younger, like properly exfoliating your skin and which type of cleanser will work best. From BB creams to concealers to highlighting and contouring, applying makeup is about much more than simply adding some color to your lips, eyes and cheeks.

With these tips & techniques, you can actually reduce the look of fine lines, make your cheekbones look higher, shrink a wide nose, shape your eyebrows to best frame your face and boost the volume of both your lashes and lips that may have thinned over the years.

And the best part is that you will not look like you've over-done your makeup application. It can still look natural while effectively concealing the years. You'll learn how to choose the right colors for your eyes, cheeks, lips and overall skin tone and you'll find out which products work best for your skin type. One you get your new routine down, people will notice that you look more vibrant and youthful, but they won't even be able to figure out why.

Here is just a taste of what you will learn in this book:

- How to Properly Prepare for Better Makeup Application

- Exfoliate to help your makeup work better

- Creating a good foundation

- How to clean up your complexion with concealers

- How to properly apply concealer

- How to finish with powder

- Tricks with highlights and contours for a more youthful face

- How to make your nose appear smaller

- How to bring out your eyes

- How to better define your cheeks

- How to get younger-looking eyes

- Age-appropriate eye makeup

- Pairing eye color with shadows

- The right way to use eye liner

- Get great lashes

- Get glowing cheeks

- Age-defying lips and nails

- Makeup that lasts and other tips to look younger

- How to choose the right tools

- Know when to swap out makeup

- And much more...

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