Salvation Comes Only Through Christ (Paperback)

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Frank Cunningham has been used by God to produce this interesting work which speaks to God's salvific act. With much prayerful reflection, grounded in scripture and from a lay man's perspective, he has compiled this soteriological reflection which addresses how God values His relationship with humankind, the events that led to how this relationship with God has been marred, the process of recovery and all the excitement, peace, joy and love experienced when reconciliation has taken place. It is important to note that the salvation theory occupies a place of significance and importance in the Christian religion. His many years as a member of the Mt. Pelier Baptist Church in Sandy Bay, Hanover and, more so, his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; and with much careful and prayerful Bible reflection are clearly evident in this work. With God's Holy Spirit as his teacher, Frank has learned and shared in a way that bespeaks his deeply spiritual approach to scriptural truths. The Mt. Pelier Baptist Church and the Mt. Pelier Community at large are greatly indebted to our brother. I am encouraging everyone to display his/her gratitude by purchasing and reading a copy of this writing and share the contents with those who are not so fortunate to have one in their possession. Rev. Dr. Robert Daley, pastor for the Fletcher's Grove and Mt. Pelier Baptist Church. Endorsements Salvation comes only through "Christ" is a concise but powerful, inspirational and informative expression of the pathway to salvation. I would recommend it to non-Christian, young and matured Christians alike as it speaks to us all. I think it is "timely and pointed" especially now that we are living in a time when self, ministries and denominations seems to be the focus instead of "Christ" My hope is that through this book lives will be transformed to a renewed focus on "Christ" the source of our salvation. Rev. Keith S. Hastings, Pastor for the Montego Bay Church of the Nazarene. Salvation comes only through "Christ" is inspiring and easy to read, also to understand. Once you start, you can hardly stop until the end. A text truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. It's the story of Salvation explained in an understandable way. C. Devon Watson, Lay Pastor for the Montego Bay / Mt. Ward Methodist Circuit. Salvation comes only through Christ. "This book is a read which refreshes the story of Salvation. An aid in assisting individuals being clear about believing in Jesus Christ". Stacia Mc-Nish Brown, Founder of W.I.V.E.S.

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ISBN: 9781498463614
ISBN-10: 1498463614
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 29th, 2016
Pages: 68
Language: English